Social isolation is one of the greatest challenges affecting caregivers, especially those providing round-the-clock care. The difficulty of doing simple things such as visiting friends or shopping/marketing can lead to a gradual withdrawal from the world, leaving caregivers feeling cut off, unsupported and in the worst case scenario, burnt out.

In an effort to address the problem, AA(S) launched the Caregiver Support Network in November 2015 with the aim of giving caregivers from both our Eden Centre for Adults at Hougang and Clementi a chance to meet with one other and share their experiences.

As autism intimately affects the individuals concerned as well as their families and AA(S) understands a team based approach in involving the educators, parents and the corporate support of the Association is an important equation, this initiative of AA(S)’s Social Work Team hopes to provide a platform for caregivers and with caregivers, through which members engage, interact and share with one another, form mutual-help groups and meet periodically. Through this community network, caregivers also engage in different activities to learn new skills and self-care, so that they could better care for their children and themselves in the long run.


Caregiver Support Network

*Interest club (piloting in 4th Quarter 2019)



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