Long Service Award 2018

Long Service Award 2018

A Long Service Award presentation was held on 30 August 2018. The presentation is part of the STARS (Staff Appreciation, Reunion and Salute) event of the Autism Association (Singapore).

Formerly known as Staff Appreciation Dinner, the association re-branded the dinner event as STARS and celebrated the inaugural STARS event in conjunction with Teachers’ Day celebration at the Joyden Hall.

Recipients of the award are as follows:


Tong Si Qin Eden School
Jeanette Ng Wenshuang Eden School
Nadia Binte Zainal Eden School
Anisah Binte Mohamed Sheriff Eden Children's Centre (Clementi)
Chen Huilin Eden School
Cheong Huey Leng Eden School
Yeap Mei Ying Eden School
Ng Xiao Shi Jacklyn Eden School
Yeong Wai Keong, Gabriel Eden Centre for Adults (Hougang)
Wong Liang Yu Eden Children's Centre (Simei)
Kong Bao Ying Kirsch Eden School
Lim Ben Swie Leon      Eden School
Liu Meng Fern Janet Eden School
Siti Mariam Binte Abdul Hamid Eden School
Isbahiyah Binte Abdul Wahab Eden School
Norhashimah Binte Adam Eden School
Wah Li Yan Nikki Eden School
Choong Sook Teng Headquarters
Yip Oi Ling Eden School
Chuan Yeling Eden School
Pang Wan Shin Eden School
Aresah Sharainee Zain Bte Sha Aril Zain Eden Children's Centre (Simei)
Li Weiwei Elton Eden Centre for Adults (Clementi)
Cheah Jin Cheng Eden School


Fan Di Eden School
Mary Jane M Fernandez Eden School
Eleanor Yow Tiam Yew Eden School
Yusanita Binti Mohamed Ali Eden School
Park Chee Wai David Eden School
Bajamonde Agnes Santiago Eden Children's Centre (Simei)
Lim Kim Thak Kenny Eden School
Rasinah Binte Rashid Eden School
Zainon Binte Hussin Eden School


Teresa Lim Soo Gek Eden Centre for Adults (Clementi)
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