Cafe Assistant

Cafe Assistant
Position Type
Cafe Assistant Full Time Contract


  1. (Professor Brawn Express) Daily Operations


  • Clean work areas (Back & Front of House) and ensure clean environment before cafe operations.
  • Check equipment & facilities to ensure all in working order and report faults / defects for immediate rectifications and maintenance.
  • Prepare food ingredients, materials, and other items for café operations.
  • Prepare and getting ready food items to be sold at kiosks.
  • Ensure menu, visual cards and displays are in order.
  • Wash and clean up of equipment and work areas (Back & Front of House).


  • Display & replenish food items at Front of House.
  • Manage sales of kiosk items
  • Upkeep general café cleanliness and food safety.
  • Operate POS registers & troubleshoot problems when applicable.


  • Close & tally daily sales and handover cash proceeds to Café Team Lead or designated staff.
  • Wash and clean work equipment as well as work areas (Back & Front of House).
  • Dispose of food scraps and trash properly.
  • Take stock of sales quantity and wastage.
  • Complete tasks on closing check list
  • Prepare ingredients, materials & food items for subsequent operations.
  1. General Duties
  • Practice good hygiene & follow safe practices meeting the standards & guidelines set by relevant authorities and the school.
  • Keep track of ingredients and food items as part of inventory management to meet optimal café operations and minimal wastage.
  • Store & housekeep food items and equipment properly safe.
  • Proper usage and maintenance of café facilities and equipment as well as timely report for any faults.
  • Maintain quality of kiosk items per Café SOPs.
  • Guide & support ASD interns and employees in kiosks’ operations.
  • Assist in the overall order and stock taking of café materials and food items.
  • Assist in the overall reporting and handing over of sales proceeds to finance department.
  • Perform regular inventory checks.
  • Carry out scheduled cleaning of café kitchen.
  • Adhere to Eden School Profession Brawn Express SOPs and guidelines.
  • Perform any other duties assigned by Café Team Lead and Café Operations Executive.

Any other duties as assigned by Operations Manager or the school’s Principals



  • Basic English and able to do simple calculation
  • Relevant related work experience preferred. Keen but no experience is also welcome


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