HR Officer

HR Officer
Position Type
HR Officer Full Time



 1.    Strategic and Planning

·         To support in developing, reviewing, implementing, managing and ensuring adherence Human Resource Policies


2.    Employee Relations and Retention (Lead)

·         Lead in employee orientation programme

·         Lead Staff Disciplinary Management (Reprimand / Suspension / Termination of Employment), including but not limited to Issuance of 1st / 2nd Warning Letter, Observation on work performance and attitude

·         Support Grievances Management (Complaints, Queries, Dissatisfaction etc)

·         Lead in conducting of Exit Interview, preparing reports and implementing corrective / improving actions

·     Lead Staff Welfare / Events and Activities, including but not limited to Referral to Professionals, Workplace Health Promotion activities, Group level events etc

·         Lead in staff rewards and recognition, including Positive Work Attitude and Performance, Special Awards, Long Service Awards etc.

·         Lead in staff communication channels, including but not limited to conducting surveys, focused group discussions, extended lunch breaks, suggestion box etc.

·         Lead in conducting of teambuilding activities


3.    Volunteer Engagement (Lead)

·         Lead in executing and implementing goals and objectives for the volunteer program which reflect the mission of the organization

·         Lead in promoting volunteer program to gain community support of the volunteer program and the organization

·         Lead intake and interview protocol for potential volunteers to ensure the best match between the skills, qualification, and interests of the volunteers and the needs of the organization

·    Evaluate the risks associated with each volunteer position and take appropriate action to control the risks associated with the program or service


4.    Recruitment and Selection (Support)

·         Assist in maintain Manpower Planning and Tracking

·         Assist in arranging Job Posting / Advertisement via recruitment portals and agencies

·         Assist in Off-Site Recruitment including but not limited to NCSS, MOE, Educational Campuses etc.

·         Assist application screening and shortlisting

·         Coordinate sending of application forms, administering Ravens, CPI etc

·         Assist  in conducting of Behavioral Interview

·         Assist in CPI Interpretation

·         Assist in Coordinating Teaching Simulation, including but not limited to preparation of logistic needed, scheduling etc.

·         Assist in conducting of Orientation Programme

·         Submit MOE Registration for SPED Teacher

·         Assisting in attending to recruitment enquiries


5.    Performance Management (Support)

·         Support Performance Management function

·         Support Planning, Processing and Execution of Performance Management

·         Assist Bi-Annual Performance Review

·         Support Performance Appraisal exercise

·         Support set-up and management of E-Performance Management System

·         Support administer of Performance Management framework, guidelines and SOP

·         Support performance related concerns, including but not limited to Counselling, Verbal Warning, Coaching & Observation

·         Communicate to staff on Career Progression, Career Options

·         Work with Management on suitable Succession Planning


6.    Learning/Training and Development (Support)

·         Assist in management of E-Training and Development System

·         Assist in staff training requests, registration and general inquiries

·         Support coordinate application for Training Subsidy and Training Grant

·         Assist in conduct Review, Monitor and Briefing of Training Bond and Scholarships

·         Assist in Monthly update and submission of Training Records / Training Charts

·         Maintain and update Annual Training Calendar

·         Assist in conducting of Induction Programme

·     Assist in arrangement for necessary logistics for internal and external training, including but not limited to Reservation of venue, Preparing of resources, Arrangement of transport, E-mail reminder, Sending of training invitations etc.

·         Assist in consolidate and tracking of Training Evaluation and Feedback forms

·         Assist in consolidation and archival of Training Manuals and Videos for Internal Trainings Training invitation,

·         Assist new staff through Induction Training process

·         Assist tracking and updating staff training records



7.    Benefits Administration (Support)

·         Assist in the benefits administration such as recording, tracking etc



8.    Perform any other relevant duties as requested by the Management Board and/or Senior Manager, Corporate Services and/or Senior HR Manager.


  • Minimum a Diploma in Human Resource Management or relevant field
  • Minimum 1 to 2 years of proven competence in relevant field of work
  • Strong organizational skills, keen to details and can work with minimum supervision
  • Good command of verbal and written English
  • Team player, flexible and have a strong sense of responsibility
  • Passion to serve in an organization that makes a difference in the lives of individuals with special learning needs


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